Ration kits
Food packets


Asha, a mother of 4 kids, was left to fend for food and survival after her husband's death.

She started collecting plastic bottles from the garbage to feed her kids Our team saw her daughter "Piku" cooking in broken pot along side the road.

Our volunteers gave them food packets and Ration kit for 1 month. Later, she was shifted to an NGO for better life.

Ramkanya, had been exchanging plastic buckets for clothes for years. But, she lost her income because of the lockdown.

Reduced to only 1 meal a day, her kids drank water to fill their stomachs.

Our team helped them providing 2 meals and Dry ration kits every day during lockdown.

Pinki Bai took a micro loan from Kamal Fincap for her small tailoring business.

She and her family of 8 members were hard pressed for food because of lockdown. Lost income made them borrow money for the needs of the growing kids.

Our volunteers gave her 1 month ration and food packets to sail through the lockdown

Rani Bai and her husband ran their scrap dealing business on a 'Thela' with a micro-loan by Kamal Fincap. The lockdown halted their daily lives and income. Things became scarier when Rani Bai fell sick and hospitalised.

Her 2 kids were left at the mercy of neighbours for food.

Kamal Fincap Team not only gave 1 month ration to the kids, but also provided food packets to her husband who was attending Rani Bai at the Hospital all alone.

Pinki was living a comfortable life with her 5 kids and husband Raju Rathod who was a conductor.

Five months back, her husband and sole earner of the family, died. It pushed the family into poverty and hunger.

Pinki worked as maid but the COVID crisis took that job from her. Her minor daughters were pushed to do child labour in these tough conditions. They earned 50-100 even after working hard. Our team came to their rescue and gave them ration for 2 months so that they don't sleep hungry and are safe.

Ram Kumar learnt magic from his father and grandfather. He was used to perform magic from village to village in Mela and small events.

COVID crisis left him with no income and begging wasn't an option for this self respecting artist. We helped him with Ration and Food packets throughout the lockdown.


Distribution of Food to the attendees of Covid patients admitted in hospitals and to those who are in need.

Distribution of Ration Kits to families who have lost either their bread earners/ daily wage workers /slums .